Serving the Best Ice Cream To Beat the Heat!

7 Days a Week!

Serving the Best Ice Cream To Beat the Heat!

7 Days a Week!

Indulge Yourself in Delectable
Yogurt and Ice Cream

Unique Top Flavors to Choose From

Oink's Dutch Treat

Yellow Cake Batter

Oink's Dutch Treat

Michigan Pot Hole

Cotton Candy Twist

Oink's Dutch Treat

Jacked Up Tennessee Toffee

Mackinac Island Fudge

Marion Blackberry

Mocha Almond Fudge

Oink's Dutch Treat

Business Hours

Monday - Thursday Noon - 11:00 PM

Friday Noon - 11:30 PM

Saturday 11:30 AM - 11:30 PM

Sunday 11:30 AM - 11:00 PM

Welcome to Oink's Dutch Treats

Eating your ice cream is only half the experience...the other half is looking at the highly decorated shop, from floor to ceiling.  Inside and out, you will find thousands of pig and nostalgic ice cream memorabilia items to occupy your time while eating your tasty treat.

Desserts and Decorations

At Oink's Dutch Treat in New Buffalo, Michigan, you will enjoy more besides yummy ice cream. Our shop is adorned inside and out with many fascinating pig and ice cream memorabilia that will take you back in time.

Sweets and Souvenirs

Visit Oink's Chocolate Pig next door to explore a large assortment of South Bend signature chocolate and fudge, candies, and 40 flavors of Jelly Belly beans. You will also find a selection of collectible items, such as piggy banks, toys, Webkinz, T-shirts, hats, and key chains in various colors.

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Oink's Dutch Treat

About Oink's Ice Cream

Oink's Dutch Treat

Ice Cream Flavors

Oink's Dutch Treat

Available for online orders in hand-packed pint
and quart containers

Customer Reviews

Jim S.

Cincinnati, OH

I've been in town for three days, each day I've stopped at Oink's and had some ice cream. Best ice cream I've had in a long time. Nice friendly staff and great service. Wish I could spend time inside looking at the memorabilia. They are limiting the number of patrons allowed inside due to social distancing. Can't wait until they can let more people inside and seating opens up.

Angela J.

Ann Arbor, MI

This is our go to for ice when we make our annual pilgrimage to New Buffalo. Though judging from the fact that it is always packed with customers when we arrive says that many other folks feel the same! We love that the place is decorated with an obscene amount of pig figurines. Big piggies little piggies tiny piggies lots of piggies! Even a giant piggie snack on the main floor! The ice cream flavor options are similarly plentiful and luxurious even. Outside seating with umbrellas makes this place family friendly and more accommodating for the crowds but don't count on cleanliness at the tables and benches. The staff juggle multiple orders well and portions served are generous. I think Oinks will continue to be a local community ico

Francis R.

Chicago, IL

Stumbled on this one during our last day trip out to New Buffalo. What a find!

It's a family owned ice cream spot that's been around 30+ years. From inside out, this place is decked out in piggy themed toys and memorabilia to go along with the name Oink's. Really quite a sight to see a bunch of collectibles and even a Ford Model A sitting in the outside garage. Anyways, for an early Saturday afternoon we surprisingly didn't run into a long lines and were served right away. Plenty of classic flavors to choose from and I'll say the portions are very generous. My wife and I opted to share a single scoop on a cone which was plenty.

Have those cameras ready to snap a pic here. Plenty of cool photo ops. Also, this spot is cash only, so have those dollar billz ready!

'Til next time, cheers!

T T.

Valparaiso, IN

Love the ice cream here! They use to serve Sherman's ice cream but since they stopped production they switched to Ashley's. I was a little bit hesitant when I found this out but love the new ice cream as well! Especially love their coconut ice cream! Hoping to go back soon once businesses begin to open up!

Kristin H.

Elkhart, IN

Love this place! You can't expect long lines during peak season but believe me this place is worth the wait. Enjoy a small town experience, friendly service and a lot of ice cream choices. This is a must stop for us whenever we're in New Buffalo.
The inside is small but hey have outdoor eating/picnic tables. A great place to enjoy all their eclectic signs and art. Your kiddos will love this place.

Jack P.


Tasty, short wait, and very nice service. They stacked my cone high with ice cream and didn't skimp out.

Bill B.

Broomall, PA

Decent selection of ice cream and was tasty

Will do shakes and sundaes

Usually very crowded.

The chocolate shake was a little bland until add extra chocolate sauce. For a bonus add some malt power.

The small sundaes were a nice size for a quick treat.

The candy shop was a bit expensive at $16 per pound for fudge.

Nick S.

Chicago, IL

Always a favorite when I'm in the area. Great selection and fun environment. Sort of high price for Michigan. Cash only so be aware of that

Jami Z.

Saint Joseph, MI

Drove out to New Buffalo and got to sample the ice cream from Oinks. Not bad! I got Moose Tracks and gotta say it was one of the best I've tasted. The lady who served us didn't seem all that happy, but it was getting late and I'm sure she was ready to get out of work.

Chelsea R.

Chicago, IL

This is a great small town ice cream shop! There are so many unique flavor. I got 'cookie jar' which is Oreo ice cream with cookie dough and m&m oatmeal cookie piece (I think)...ether way, it was great. Also, impressed by their serving process...they obviously know how to handle big crowds. We were in an out in less than five minutes on a Sunday afternoon. My only complaint was the price. I got a single scoop in a cup for $4.60. Regardless, it is a great spot for when your feeling like splurging on a great treat!

Stef C.

Ballwin, MO

The best ice cream place ever as Oinks is always our "go to" when we're in town. Love all the piggy decor! The gift store is super cute too, and when we were there recently they had some sales on chocolate as they are closing for the season soon. Ice cream choices are amazing and the kids just love all the choices of flavors. They didn't have quite as many flavors as in the Summer, due to the time of year. Two of our favorites are "Superman" (my boy's favorite) and I love the "Yellow cake batter" (yes it has chocolate in it). People will line up out the door in the summer, but our most recent visit in early Oct. was quieter as there just aren't as many people around town after the summer crowd leaves. Definitely try Oinks if you like ice cream, I mean who doesn't(?).

Mary S.

Deerfield, IL

I come here about once or 2x a year when we bring the family to warren dunes state park. It is a gem. Feels like an ol'skool ice cream parlor, tons of flavors. Im a sucker for anything chocolate. Prices are increasing but still a memorable stop to enjoy a frozen treat.

It has been around for ever. Usually teenagers working the counter. Cash only.

Cindy L.

Notre Dame, IN

The ice cream here is really good! Tucked away by the water, Oinks has a variety of different ice cream flavors that are all delicious. I went with a big group and we all enjoyed our respective flavors.

The cons are that the space is very small, as in little to no seating inside. We took our ice cream out to a bench and enjoyed it there. Also, they are pretty pricey (about $5 for a small), and cash only. This is the reason why I knocked it down one star, but overall definitely worth a trip!

T. R.

Minneapolis, MN

So many interesting ice cream flavors! So good and interesting place to look around at all the pig and ice cream memorabilia