About Oink’s Dutch Treat

A Family-Owned Ice Cream Shop With a Friendly Feel

Known for its tourism during summer, New Buffalo, Michigan's legendary ice cream is one of Harbor Country’s iconic dessert spots, Oink's Dutch Treat. Visiting our ice cream parlor is considered a tradition for most of our customers. We believe that they deserve the best, so we always strive to deliver toothsome frozen treats as well as excellent customer service.

Eating your ice cream is only half the experience...the other half is looking at the highly decorated shop, from floor to ceiling.  Inside and out, you will find thousands of pig and nostalgic ice cream memorabilia items to occupy your time while eating your tasty treat.

Oink's Dutch Treat

Different Sweets for Everyone

At our shop, we feature Ashby’s best ice cream that comes in 50 heavenly flavors. For those with special diet preferences, we offer low-fat, sugar-free ice cream and sorbet. You can enjoy various unique tastes, such as:

  • Yellow Cake Batter
  • Michigan Pot Hole
  • Cotton Candy Twist
  • Jacked Up Tennessee Toffee
  • Mackinac Island Fudge
  • Marion Blackberry
  • Mocha Almond Fudge

How It All Started

Our founder, Roger Vink, once envisioned owning an ice cream shop. Before his dream became a reality, he worked as a physical education teacher at New Buffalo High School for 23 years.

During his summer break from teaching in the early 1980s, he and his wife, Sharon, would go canoeing in Baldwin, Michigan and visit Jone's Ice Cream Shop. He got inspired after seeing the liveliness of people even on a hot summer night as they savor their favorite cold dessert.

Roger finally opened his ice cream parlor in 1987. To dub his shop, he used his nickname, Oink, given to him by a long-time friend 30 years ago. Roger was absolutely right when he thought that it would be a catchy name for his business. With an average of 25 employees, the shop has been open for more than 36 years and is still growing in popularity.

More Than Just Ice Cream

At Oink's Dutch Treat, you can enjoy more than your choice frozen treats, as we feature thousands of unique pig and ice cream memorabilia, from floor to ceiling, for you to appreciate. We also carry a wide selection of candies, chocolates, and souvenirs at our store next door, Oink's Chocolate Pig.

Come and Get a Scoop or Two

Make us your next stop today for a one-of-a-kind dessert treat you simply can’t resist!